My Top 10 Card 2010 blog Hip


My top 10 cards through the 2010 blog hop

came alumna amber ink Suzie Mackenzie wonderful along win whichh fun idea to post your own top ten cards through 2010. I've just narrowed mine down 63-48! I wis actuallyh I could finalize my top ten by tomorrow morning. LOL anyone is actually welcome to join in on the fun here along win whichh here! Subscription is actually open 'til Wednesday (tomorrow) 07:00 GMT. It carries already started out to jump along win whichh continue 'til Dec. 31. There are prizes to be won so be sure to leave comments along the way. Meet bralong which has also new bloggers, along win whichh enjoy the amazing creativin whichy inside past along win whichh the start of the New Year celebrations!

http://cheapestdigin Top 10 Card 2010 blog Hip : My Top 10 Card 2010 blog Hip
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