My top ten cards of 2010


My ten cards of 2010

choose my top ten cards the item was much harder than I imagined! I copied all my cards to a favorthe iteme folder, as well as came up wthe itemh a stunning 63. When whthe itemtled my lis usuallyt to 29, as well as I can not kill anymore. Unless instead I put those in which I absolutely love to a fresh folder. It was a lot easier this usually way as well as I was able to choose the ten very quickly. I was sad to leave the addthe itemional 19 behind though. Maybe you should have a blog next year's hip to the top 20 or 30 .;)

here are my top ten favorthe iteme cards in 2010, coming from oldest to freshest (click on the images will take you to their original posthe itemions):

There Are many different reasons why I chose these lthe itemtle ones in which range coming from clean as well as simple collage is usually true for coherent as well as embellis usuallyhed. If you've been a follower for a long time, maybe you'll recognize them all (or maybe not). If you are fresh to my blog, please browse around as well as let me kat this point which ones are your favorthe itemes.

Please add your name to the blog hop here as well as here. Do not forget in which there are prizes to be won! I love to see them ten your cards are a favorthe iteme for 2010 !!

http://cheapestdigthe top ten cards of 2010 : My top ten cards of 2010
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