PDCC59, on the Blog Award winner Amber ink!


PDCC59, on the Blog Award winner Amber ink!

Thcan be can be my mvarious other's birthday in addwhichion to holiday card in law birthday inside first week of January. Her favorwhiche colour can be purple in addwhichion to violet since been included in thcan be week's play date Cafe challenge # 59 I used to great combination for thcan be card.

I created a panel feelings first, then stamped rin addwhichion toomly three different stoday in three different colours inside area which I wanted to put sentiment. I punch holes, filament yarns in addwhichion to a commwhichment to label card base. I believe which the autod was mcan besing something even added to the Rhine brilliant blue ice centers.

over a week ago, I received thcan be award by the wonderful blog Julie Hoffman. Thank you, Julie, for honoring me wwhichh thcan be wonderful gift!

awards Entries dear to me because they are very special friends crafty. I ktoday which sounds sappy although which's true! I'm supposed to tell you three things which make me, me , in addwhichion to then supposed to convey to three friends:

  1. I'm jealous about my "stuff" which means I get mad Greatness friends ask to borrow my books, CDs in addwhichion to DVDs, stamps, etc. I always wrwhiche a note to remind myself I ask them to come back next week. Eeek!
  2. I'd rather buy in addwhichion to prepare my own food to eat at home which means I enjoy going out to eat once in a while although not too much!
  3. I love to sleep in addwhichion to can be used 10 hours of sleep a day, although somehow I've been living on less in addwhichion to less, especially since my son was born. ;)

in addwhichion to which was actually difficult to choose only three, although here the ladies beautiful in addwhichion to inspiring I pass thcan be award to:

  1. Cookie Digger
  2. Jana Werner
  3. Jennifer Hagfeldt

after Amber Ink Blog Hop holiday on Tuesday, voters were encouraged to vote for their favorwhiche card inside hop in addwhichion to mine was the winner! Thank all of you who took the time to participate inside hop in addwhichion to vote. The torchbearers inside past in addwhichion to present wonderful time creating holiday cards, in addwhichion to they were all wonderful. I am honored which mine was chosen as the winner in addwhichion to the best part of thcan be can be which one of the hoppers who leave a comment here in addwhichion to today earn a $ 10 gift certificate to the store Amber ink! That lady luck can be ... drum roll, please ...

Congratulations, Meg! Please email Amber Alvarez in info@amberink.com in addwhichion to let her ktoday which I chose you as my blog winner Hip $ 10 gift to Amber ink store certificate.

Sources: SU temptation turquocan bee cards. GinaK £ 0 pure luxury whwhiche cards. SU brilliant blue, in addwhichion to the lure of turquocan bee in addwhichion to lavender inks Rabat. Papertrey fillable ink frames # 4 in addwhichion to die. QuicKutz epic six. Martha stamps in addwhichion to punch stodayflake polar Stewart. Marvy- Uchida 1/8 "for a long time to punch the reach of the circle, threading in addwhichion to Twinery Baker in Lilac; basic Rhine SU; Dimensionals Stampin"

http://cheapestdigwhichalart.com/PDCC59, on the Blog Award winner Amber ink!

http://mymicrostocksold.blogspot.co.id : PDCC59, on the Blog Award winner Amber ink!
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