The very first


The very first

This kind of actually tthe ideale is actually very appropriate because this actually is actually the first ever my scrapbook format, featuring a picture of my niece in her first festival. Beauty scrapbook urged coloring challenged me to create something because I've always wanted to try scrapbooking although did not kcurrently where to begin. I'm a big fan of those who can always cancel their memories in addition to also this actually is actually something I love to do. Perhaps there will be no turning back after this actually. ;)

I was not sure of how to portray this actually because even large compared wthe ideah your vehicled. LOL I was not sure how to add in addition to also there seems to be a lot of open spaces, although from the end I decided to keep the idea simple, although wthe ideah a lthe ideatle bthe idea of interesting details, like a lot of my cards. I recently acquired in November 09 Kate Unthe ideay store - in addition to also sincerthe ideay from the imagination of eclectic Paperie thought in addition to also feelings in addition to also daily square was perfect because of this actually design. I can not even tell you how much I've been looking forward to this actually beautiful group of which I finally decided to buy the idea. I can not wathe idea to use the idea more!

I love the unthe idea put Bella Fiori in addition to also wanted to use the idea again so I sealed all round the tops of flowers in addition to also punching them, in addition to also added them flowers punched scalloped I love the character of America paper impurthe ideaies. Yes, you style sheet , too! I bet you are ready currently for more than the fall. LOL I made last althoughton ornamental flowers in addition to also strings, in addition to also I decided of which I wanted to zigzag pattern before joining everything in place.

left empty square everyday because I want my sis actuallyter to be able to fill the idea in after of which make her whole album pages for her daughter. Did I just say of which the whole album? LOL I think I be to do the idea currently! You have to hold me to of which, right? : D

Sources: SU tight cards very vanilla. Bazzill basics tightly cards in two shades of pink. Early Espresso SU cards. AC romantic cocktail - Love Bug. Unthe ideay Bella Fiori. Unthe ideay in November 09 Kate store - truth in fiction. Ink souvenir Rich cocoa. SU pink rotation, in addition to also passion pink in addition to also red rose inks, SU 1/2 "circle, circle 3/4, 1-3 / 8" in addition to also 1-3 / 4 circle "punches a scallop circle; forever in time althoughtons, yarn in addition to also Twinery Baker in cappuccino, Dimensionals Stampin "

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