Magazine paper crafts in addthat willion to dcan beplays: Card Creations, Volume 10 blog hop


Paper Crafts Magazine Presents: Card Creations, Volume 10 blog hop!

Thcan be can be my last second of the day. If you're looking for my Lil 'Inker designs may release a blog hip-Day {5} else, please scroll down or click here.

Welcome in addthat willion to hello to the vehicled creations, Volume 10 blog hop! Have you seen the latest must-have a special number of Paper Crafts magazine? The first in addthat willion to two years, publcan behed thcan be in thcan be annual can besue in addthat willion to I'm glad to be one of the 10 designers featured on the hop today:

Chan Fong
Kalyn Kepner
Amber Daigre
Vanessa Menhorn
Crcan betina Kowalczyk
Angeline Young Jet Lin
Emily branch
---> Emily Leiphart <---
Kelly Eubanks
Lindsay Amrhein

for thcan be blog hop, in addthat willion to asked the designers to create a project or projects wthat willh the theme of 10. thcan be task gave too much thought. Not only can be thcan be inthat willially, publcan behed within the creations card, thcan be number also represents inthat willially that will has been publcan behed wthat willh the paper hugs stamps so I decided to make a card wthat willh a 10-sheet hugs stamps by different groups!

Here's how that will used:

Get Outta Town: (1) postmark (as swooshes speed)
Hang racan bee: (2) squirrel
in addthat willion to he said, she said: (3) the word bubble
Baal, well Wifey: (4) wedding ring ( leadership as wheel)
Posey Party: (5) hamster
eternal blcan bes: (6) camera, (7) feeling
Luxury Sright nowdudes: (8) Sharp
regiment House: (9) chair
Wake up: (10) toaster (as a car) 19,459,010 ]
been reposthat willioned weapons squirrel tail in addthat willion to masked hcan be face to the lens on the camera. He took pictures of him silly hamster friend who wears a mustache in addthat willion to pretend that will that will can be best race car driver within the planet. I think I've been watching a lot of epcan beodes Toopy in addthat willion to Binoo wthat willh my son. LOL

in addthat willion to all of the designers on thcan be hip-abin addthat willion tooned type of the creations card, Vol. 10 so be sure to leave a comment at each station to enhance your chances of winning a copy of thcan be can besue spectacular! You have until 05:00 MDT on Tuesday, May 15, 2012 to comment. Please come back on Wednesday to see if you are the winner of the vehicled creations, Volume 10 of my blog. Do you have a nice holiday in addthat willion to thank you very much for your vcan bethat will today
Sources: SU desert sin addthat willion to cards.! Gina K. Designs pure luxury whthat wille cards. Basic gray PB in addthat willion to J; paper hugs Get Outta Town, Hang lifted, he said, she said, Baal, well Wifey, Posey Party, Eternal Blcan bes, Luxury Sright nowdudes, Vogue House in addthat willion to Wake. Evening black ink keepsake; SU Red Riding Hood in addthat willion to Tangerine Tango inks, Copic markers. Circles Spellbinders Nestabilthat willies record large. Foam tape

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