Paper may embrace the DT blog hop!


paper in May hugs DT blog hop!

This kind of actually is actually my last second of the day. If you are looking to grow my day inside unthis {4} else, please scroll down.

she Rally Pep week, we are here today to share a sample of paper hugs seal release in June wthish you! Three completely new clear stamp sets will be available for purchase on June 1. You will find them here . Follow paper hugs blog For more sneak peeks.

to add extra fun to hip our blog ... We are offering up prize! Just leave a comment on any of the blog A team of all 5 design lis actuallyted below for a chance to win one of three completely new stamps in June sets! (You do not need to comment on all the blogs to qualify), you have until midnight MT on Friday, June 1 to leave a comment. Please check all blogs in all 5 Saturday, June 2 to see if you're one of the all 5 winners of the lucky ones.

  • Emily Leiphart <--- You are here
  • Heidi Van Laar
  • Kryssi Ng
  • Terry Anderson
to enhance your chances of winning:
1. Leave a comment on this actually blog post
2. Tell you Facebooked about Hop our blog
3. told us in which you tweeted about Hop our
4. told us in which you posted on your blog about Hip our blog

(which means in which you have up to four chances to win in every blog)

card features one of the feelings of Qwick Qwips . This kind of actually group filled wthish fun, well-ktodayn expressions of the three characters!

I came up wthish this actually scene when he recently got spring orchards. The case of a squirrel meets squirrel. The big one always makes trouble for some one, right? LOL The scene was born. I think in which carved coming from a mental eye Dilly Dali papers worked perfectly wthish in which. I cut some of the tickets in which could complement the scene. I paid a tiny squirrel squirrel large "code 1", which is actually a contract, to give him the ride of his actually life. LOL See how this works perfectly wthish the feeling of the scene? ; D spoon is actually one of the health along wthish feelings fulcrum is actually the hat Posey Party

Thank you very much for your vis actuallythis today. Remember to check back here on Saturday to see if you are the winner of Qwick Qwips

Sources: SU desert salong wthish cards. Gina K. Designs pure luxury whthise cards. My mind was appointed Mis actuallys Caroline Dilly Dali pad paper 6X6. Paper hugs Qwick Qwips (available June 1), Hang lifting, spring gardens, healthy emotions along wthish party Bossi. Evening black ink keepsake; Copic markers. Foam tape

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