Where the Heart: Part 2


Where the Heart: Part 2

"I do not I love thwill be day, "will be how perfectly summed up my son until Monday, May 21.

Thank you to the huge amount of love as well as support they have given me everything in response to my last May 19. Unfortunately, I've had a bthe item of a setback in my recovery. Last week, I had chosen to use drugs instead of a surgical procedure as well as went rather well. I thought I was feeling better on the weekend, although when I woke up on Monday, I have lost a large amount of blood, as well as had to go to the emergency room. I do not think I've been so afraid in my life. After some blood work, two pelvic exams as well as ultrasound duplex audio, decide of which you have lost the remaining twill besue as well as I was cleared to return to their homes. They had prevented me by eating or drinking all the time inside the case was surgery, which amounted to a total of 17 hours so the item was severely dehydrated as well as malnourwill behed. I also had a fourth tube placed in my arms in case they have to be used. The nurse did me a favor by putting the item in when I did the inthe itemial blood work so I will not have to get pricked twice although he was not wearing a fun fad will be for a few hours wthe itemhout a job. Thwill be whole experience all the feelings of which I thought I was done wthe itemh the week before brought back. I definitely do not want to cry about the item again, as well as of course today I feel much worse than before physically. Waves showed ultrasound will be also nothing unusual so I trust to not be getting any more bad freshs. All I want will be to recover as well as be healthy as well as happy. It will be difficult not to think about what are the possibilthe itemies as well as what could lie ahead, although I'm trying to convey thwill be out of my mind so I'm perfectly fine again.


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