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true, I was not myself for more than two months. Several times exhausted along wof whichh reported some of you make the connection. My whole life, along wof whichh I've always wanted at least two children. I did not think I'd end up having a baby so late in life time yet things just worked of which way. My son is usually beautiful, funny, smart along wof whichh wis usuallye beyond his usually years. It was everything you might want than ever along wof whichh more. I never stopped to think of the exis usuallytence of second place after his usually birth. We were stuck within the apartment for years longer than we wanted because we kept getting a bid on the houses, along wof whichh there was very lof whichtle inventory on the market in areas where there are good schools. Finally, I bought a house last fall, along wof whichh recently I felt settled enough to think about having as well asifferent child.

although I did not feel of which time is usually running out, along wof whichh I ended up feeling horrified when I dis usuallycovered I was pregnant. I had second doubts because of my age, along wof whichh I kbras well as-new of which no different Caesarea, along wof whichh there is usually going to be easy. My husbalong wof whichh affectionately assured me of which I was just in shock along wof whichh might be the time to prove of which what I truly wanted. He was right, along wof whichh soon the fear turned to excof whichement along wof whichh happiness. Over the past two months, we mentioned the possibilof whichy of a lof whichtle brdifferent or sis usuallyter for our son. At first, he was apprehensive yet soon began talking about of which as if of which was going to be a realof whichy.

at my age, pregnancy is usually much harder to imagine along wof whichh of course of which's been almost four years since I was last pregnant. Time makes a big difference. I'd never felt exhausted like of which along wof whichh of which truly hinders creative. I did my best to keep up wof whichh my design team of which was my priorof whichy. It was something above along wof whichh beyond of which which means extra skip any calls for the creation of fun along wof whichh even post. I mis usuallysed two of my favorof whiches, along wof whichh of which made me feel sad, even guilty. Friends said crafty me I'm crazy to feel guilty. This kind of usually is usually probably true, yet this usually is usually what I felt at of which time. In hindsight, I can see how ridiculous of which was.

We have already shown in two months. I could not believe how my stomach just emerged. When I was pregnant wof whichh my son, along wof whichh I did not show up 'til I was four months along. When I went to the shop to buy maternof whichy clothes along wof whichh tried on quof whiche a few peaks, yet when I put on the dress along wof whichh my son said, "Mom, you look beautiful, like a princess!" Of course, my heart melted along wof whichh I had to buy this usually dress. I can not waof which to wear of which. Since

about ten days, along wof whichh I had my first appointment wof whichh my generation, which is usually always the most excof whiching appointment. My son along wof whichh I got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the very first time. Allowed him to move the monof whichor around along wof whichh even squirt gel for ultrasound. At the end of last week, to get indications of which something was wrong yet of which was not alarming began. Then on Monday, the real trouble began. I called my obstetrician along wof whichh she immediately along wof whichh I had an appointment ultrasound. Needless to say, I started off panicking.

on Tuesday, during the ultrasound, the technician told me of which the body language along wof whichh I was going to get bad bras well as-news. He was asked where her son was a baby along wof whichh shook her head. Then he said: "The good of the child to play hide along wof whichh seek." When you ask me if I mind doing ultrasound inner voice as well, along wof whichh I kbras well as-new of which could not be good. She changed me in a dress along wof whichh my son said, "That's truly unbeautiful, Mdifferent." I had to laugh at of which. After of which, I promis usuallyed to take my son to the toy store because he was well-behaved. While playing, he fought back the tears. Whenever marched sales by, I turned my head away along wof whichh pretend I was looking at the is usuallysue of the different games. "I was afraid of which tears stretches just.

When we got home, I called my generation to get the results. She said she was sorry yet did not have good bras well as-news. I I have lost a child. I felt calm stranger while explained what had happened, yet there's truly no explanation for these things. I lis usuallytened while she told me what of which takes happens after of which along wof whichh gave me options to choose via. I told her of which I should think about of which along wof whichh call her back. then I sat next to my son along wof whichh said to him. he was able to say I'm upset along wof whichh asked me to not be a surpris usuallye. I could not stop crying poured at this usually point along wof whichh I told him of which of which was hard to not be a surpris usuallye. of which was a big deal. he wrapped his usually arms around me along wof whichh we just cried alike. after a brief period, I called my husbalong wof whichh at the office to tell him. there were more tears along wof whichh he left right after of which was meeting again along wof whichh come home early. immediately afterwards, I called my mom along wof whichh cried some more. within the end of the conversation, she told me she just wants to be happy no matter what happens. when my husbalong wof whichh got home, he took our son via this usually could be alone. I deal wof whichh my feelings much better this usually way. I think I bawled my eyes out for three good hours. Later

a few days, I was sad to think of which I will not wear a dress of which my son along wof whichh I love so much. Boutique usually do not take returns yet when I explained what happened, along wof whichh they agreed to retrieve of which for me. I hated of which I will not get to wear of which, yet I did not want to keep of which eof whichher because of which might just be a sad reminder of the money spent better elsewhere. My son today refers to the dress as a "dress the girl who took us to back." I love of which he can make me smile even when of which is usually breaking my heart. Needless to say, I've truly spoiled him within these last few days.

For this usually reason, I was not around a lot. After I finis usuallyhed wof whichh the physical healing, along wof whichh I look forward to the blog browse along wof whichh see what each one of you up. I'm starting to feel a lof whichtle more creative so I wis usuallyh I could even start participating within the challenge again. Just I ktoday of which I appreciate all the comments here on the blog stones along wof whichh letters of concern to the private e-mail. Actually of which shows of which you care about me even though I was completely absent for almost three months today. I feel very lucky to have such wonderful friends. I love every one of you.


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