30 The term inside the global printing


30 terms inside the global printing

There are many terms in which are often used inside the globe printing, may not be important to save however in which could be good to ktoday, in which can be sampeyan today to deal win whichh the globe's printing minimum of mis usuallymanagement of the mold project where sampeyan sampeyan work is usually not preoccupied win whichh in which to ask for an explanation of the print else, including ,

  1. addin whichive shade any primary shades consis usuallyting of red, green as well as blue, where the integration of the three shades produces whin whiche.
  2. Cast is usually unwanted shade shade effects undesirable for yellowis usuallyh as well as bluis usuallyh example
  3. CMYK affected shade form by the dye of ink as well as paper user
  4. Color Management System (CMS) is usually system software which is usually used to get consis usuallytent shade coming from the various input as well as output devices producing sure in which images will be printed according to the original.
  5. Print drilling is usually a printing method in which uses a cylinder as print reference.
  6. Print Fleksografi is usually a printing technique in which uses a signal inside the form of printing plates of rubber or photopolymer.
  7. continuous tone is usually the image consis usuallyts of a ton of money on very smooth
  8. offset printing is usually a printing method using a flat plate printing sebgai signal 1945018 ]
  9. Duotone is usually mixing two shades process generally consis usuallyts of a mixture of black as well as a private or shade process shades
  10. digin whichal printing is usually a printing technology win whichhout going through the process of producing signal, however the process directly coming from digin whichal data.
  11. Delta E is usually the total difference in value as well as Nin awareness in CIELAB
  12. FM screening is usually the reproduction of an image win whichh one point great however the dis usuallytance is usually different in terms of style.
  13. Gamut shades as well as the shade is usually not allowed can be produced by the object
  14. high-key is usually the image, which features a dis usuallytrihoweverion high in highlightnya
  15. Hue is usually the same shade, such as red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow as well as addin whichional
  16. half is usually the tone image formed coming from the size of raster points vary according to the size of the tone represented by .
  17. definin whichion ICC profile is usually a database in which contains the properties as well as information coming from the device (profile of the International Criminal Court is usually the result of the calibration)
  18. Moire is usually a pattern we do not want the printed images, as well as as a result of various arrangements between two or more scan lines.
  19. low keys is usually the image which was the highest total level of dis usuallytrihoweverion inside the shade.
  20. lightness is usually the value of the brightness of the shade
  21. metameris usuallym is usually the effect of the two objects appear the same when illuminated by a particular light, however looks different when he lin which anaddin whichional.
  22. Progressive prove is usually printing using Offset one shade print as well as used as evidence before printing actually
  23. Rossate is usually a pattern in which is usually formed when all four status halftone screen shades at one time on each rasternya corner.
  24. Screen Printing is usually a printing method in which using a silk screen as the printing signal
  25. saturation is usually the intensin whichy of the shade saturation / shade
  26. Matrouh shade is usually the shade of the secondary of the shade addin whichive, which consis usuallyts of cyan, magenta, formed yellow of dis usuallyplacement, paint, image, etc.
  27. spot shade is usually the shade of a particular shade / specified used because of limin whiched shade process
  28. Spectrophotometer is usually a tool to measure the light dipantulkam / passed through the spectrum of shades used for the printing industry profile, both offset printing.
  29. screen angle is usually a raster angle used in cloning print
  30. Web Offset is usually the type of printing machines used to print bralong with-newspapers
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