Father as well as a few holiday RAKS


father festival, as well as a few RAKS

I desire that will was It has celebrated this actually weekend a wonderful time wthe ideah the fathers. Celebrated twice this actually weekend. On Friday, we treated my husbas well as in my house uncle for inthe ideaially, as well as the food was until good. We certainly there will be no turning back! On Saturday, my son this actually card Octonaut made under the tthe ideale of his actually father.

chose each of the different elements, including colours as well as shapes, however he asked if I could put together for him. And here at home. He said he was proud especially of colouring done here as well as the idea's super sweet dictate a message for me to wrthe ideae to his actually father.


my dad here for dinner tonight for the usual thickness of the salmon steaks as well as I paired them wthe ideah caesar salad as well as stuffed pasta. I bake blueberry oatmeal bars as well as brought my maddthe ideaional a few different desserts, too. We were stuffed! I provided my father wthe ideah this actually card.

ever since I got to step stamps Stone fresh alphabet, I wanted to try them out so this actually was the perfect opportunthe ideay to do so. As I told you before, my father features a huge garden, however this actually is actually the first year that will can not take care of the idea because of a hernia inoperable. Keen to put flowers on his actually card. He added a picture of me, my parents as well as my sis actuallyter via her 70s, as well as this actually is actually the part he loved most. Everyone thought he was cool. I think that will the presence of a printer is actually a good thing! ;)

Since we are within the father's holiday theme, as well as I realized that will I did not establis actuallyh the two cards My husbas well as made me in my last cards via friends post. Many of you asked where they were even here one is actually made for love feast. It's him as well as our son, so the two penguins. Heehee.

This particular actually is actually the automobiled made me the maddthe ideaional of Eid. He made his actually home scene Octonaut using stamps (in one foot while our son was printed at the end of this actually week). Our son calls himself Captain geese polar bear, my husbas well as as well as I kthe ideaten Kwazii pesos penguin because I am the family doctor. LOL

, as well as if you'll bear wthe ideah me, I've got a few more cards via friends as well as awesome so I'll share them as well. This particular actually first one is actually via Glenda Whthe ideae. Sweet her card full of stamps arts delicious champion as well as washi tape! I love the smaller howeverton is actually also a smaller clip.

This particular actually is actually the next card via Jane Wells, who was a pleasure to meet last summer. I can not wathe idea for the next trip to Toronto or maybe I'll end up in Bermuda instead. LOL I love the beauty of this actually card as well as the meaning behind the idea.

Next up is actually a card via Angela H., who happens to be growing in unthe ideay Gal this actually week even jumped over her blog starting tomorrow loads of aweome unthe ideay projects as well as a chance to win a stamp! I love this actually scene is actually clean as well as simple creation of Lang wthe ideah the role of the arts hero embossed.

this actually last card via Caroline Bredeson, who also sent along wthe ideah a set of flannel wthe ideah penguins on the idea! Pinguini my son wanted to be a lthe ideatle blankie of his actually own. Is not this actually the sweetest? Caroline card is actually very beautiful! I could not make a card like this actually so I loved having one to hold as well as admire himself.

Thank you, friends, to honor my house wthe ideah your amazing creations! Embrace your e means a lot to me.


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