How to tell angle / object angle on the paint


kat this point how to angle / angle object to paint

wthe itemh paint Diamond brvarious others can kat this point all there can be angle or curve the object angle, regardless of the slope of the angle will be Viewing using tool dimension angular lying there on tools, while the following method:

, for example, we set up Seven Star object wthe itemh Star tool in tools ,

before determining the excan beting angle / angle Show we choose the first the applicabilthe itemy of the objects or press Alt + Z from the keyboard, as well as so the aim when we will determine the angle will follow the groove in a corner of the object;

as well as then select or click Dimension angular tool in tools,

index point from the angle of these objects;

Mouse remains pressure as well as point the following upward path (path) on the line of the object, as well as then release the mouse;

Moreover, the indicator on the various other side points out, as well as then press the click of a mouse.

Moreover, the index refers to the center to determine the numbers on angle / angles, like the image below results;

as well as applies objects in which various others such as, for example, below the object box;

Great luck .....

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