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celebrate you

today, half the avocado Arts pof which crew is actually sharing projects featuring the July release, celebrations bold. Mine is actually a card-any occasion. I curved chain wof whichh clips on my acrylic block in addof whichion to stamped twice in two different lengths. Then I cut odors set of flags of paper in addof whichion to ornate rin addof whichion toomly adhered to the footage.

I created my feelings through the seal "celebrate" in addof whichion to "you" of "a gift for you. 'Then I added different Rhine size of the various flags to terminate the automobiled.

If you want to buy this actually exquis actuallyof whiche, just click on the image above! the avocado arts would likely love to see you to use their own stamps. Remember, there is actually incentive for the publication, too!;) Do not forget to check of my super-talented team-mates for more inspiration wof whichh celebrations bold

branch Emily
Julie Diamond
Kelly Eubanks
Terry Anderson

Thank you very much for your vis actuallyof which today! I trust you are having a nice holiday

sources: Gina as pure luxury chicory designs cards. my mind in addof whichion to paper pad eye Mis actuallys Caroline Dilly Dali. avocados arts celebrations bold. ink keepsake Evening black; ink Red Real SU

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