{Hugs} paper thanks


{hugs} paper Thanksgiving

Thank you for putting up wthe ideah my silence inside past few days! As we celebrate the fourth birthday of our son at the end of last week in addthe ideaion to I'm trying to catch up on many things. You will find some time to blog all about the idea at the end of the week. In the meantime, Kim in addthe ideaion to share this usually card on paper hugs articles today! It features a solid in addthe ideaion to striped petals in addthe ideaion to feelings of dais usuallyies in addthe ideaion to Pais usuallyleys which was released earlier this usually month. This specific usually group is usually a lot of fun to play wthe ideah because you can make anything wthe ideah the idea, the idea will not look like two cards are the same! My flowers are like poinsettias by chamomile, nevertheless in complementary colorations, they can fthe idea any is usuallysue in this usually case, masculine retro thank you. First, the idea sealed solid flower petals in addthe ideaion to then compensation scheme. Then I punch holes in addthe ideaion to the inclusion of the large holes inside centers of each flower. Finally, she puts the gems inside these holes. And figured the whole plate wthe ideah foam tape on the top of the automobiled base.

Thank you for your vis usuallythe idea today! It will be more for you tomorrow. :)

Sources: SU Rally. AC textured brown cards. Gina K Designs pure luxury whthe ideae cards. Paper hugs dais usuallyies in addthe ideaion to Pais usuallyleys. SU pool party, the temptation turquois usuallye, Indigo Islin addthe ideaion to, mustard in addthe ideaion to pumpkin pie inks, ink souvenir Rich cocoa. We R Memory throw one crop in Dile stkalianrd cinnamon holes. SU Rhine basic. Foam tape


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