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modified to include a cake! As most of you kcurrently, we celebrate the birth of our son, the fourth at the end of last week. It had an affair for three days wthe itemh hcan be own party in addthe itemion to a few fun days. I'm still recovering. laughing loudly! You can imagine of which thcan be might be a bthe item long post, although I'll try to keep the item to a minimum while showing all the good things. ;) First up can be the vehicled I gave him to use some of the bralong with-new stamps in addthe itemion to matching die Papertrey ink. I kbralong with-new of which Lthe itemtle Hot Rod be a must have when I saw the item. Basics boy: Truckin 'It was love for a long time in addthe itemion to thcan be one complements the item perfectly. Since the party LEGO was tthe itemled, I tried of which thcan be view makes card like a block LEGO wthe itemh a lot of reason vehicles "have been LEGO collection over the past years 1.5 so he includes a lot of vehicle groups. We are currently at a point where we are overwhelmed wthe itemh the amount of LEGO I spent the past few days googling ways to organize everything. It will be fun!

when we were getting ready for the party, not my husbin addthe itemion to some research inside the lthe itemtle LEGO builds in addthe itemion to determined of which the parrot will be a great animal of which boys in addthe itemion to girls will enjoy the building. My husbin addthe itemion to recreated parrot inside the LEGO store based on what they have available parts. We buy spare parts for all the loot bags, bought some bags lthe itemtle treat in addthe itemion to began to put the loot bags together process.

I kept the same container can be fairly simple, although the item has taken way too long to make. I recorded in closed bags wthe itemh coordinating washi tape just for fun.;)

been allocated to each of the loot bags for-goers party names set forth inside the alpha posters

I in addthe itemion to my husbin addthe itemion to works inside the assembly line. First built parrots to be able to dcan bemantle them inside the treatment of bags. I had to take a picture of them after being lined up for them because they made me laugh!

before they built them 100%, in addthe itemion to built them inside the steps so I could take pictures in addthe itemion to create instruction sheet for parents. I tucked them into books of which were on their way wthe itemh the loot bags.

were attached
loot bags to such books. Method I used can be one of which can be already shown here.

in addthe itemion to many different books of which I found in a book store overstock. Basically, all the booty bag, not including supplies to make bags themselves, cost about $ 5 a piece. Not bad, eh? :)

For the part 'cake', the item did not get nearly as fancy as the item did last year wthe itemh the CARS cakes, inside the previous year wthe itemh cakes walrus or even a year before of which wthe itemh the pkthe itema cakes. I found a great recipe to make chocolate Rice Crcan bepy squares in addthe itemion to turned the item into a giant cake LEGO block. It was a great success! Each of the whthe iteme chocolate in addthe itemion to black sections in addthe itemion to well loved by both children in addthe itemion to their parents.

our son was the coolest party ever. Ha ha. And he gave me a cup of one of hcan be gifts to being the best ever mdifferent. Ou ...: D

sources for the vehicled: Gina K luxurious pure whthe iteme designs in addthe itemion to chicory cards. SU night Navy, Real Red, Tangerine Tango in addthe itemion to Wild Wasabi. Papertrey ink Lthe itemtle Hot Rod stamps in addthe itemion to dies. SU Real Red, Tangerine Tango, the summer sun, Wild Wasabi in addthe itemion to night marine inks. Foam tape

sources loot bags: SU Real red cards. Gina K Designs wild din addthe itemion toelion cards. Papertrey ink Lthe itemtle Hot Rod stamps in addthe itemion to die. SU brilliant blue ink; Echo Park Lthe itemtle boy, lthe itemtle girl, a walk inside the park in addthe itemion to time winter thousin addthe itemion to posters. Papertrey ink charthe itemy in addthe itemion to Box 6 die. Celebrate in addthe itemion to treat bags. LEGO store. Yarns in addthe itemion to Twinery baker. Washi tape. Foam tape

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