{Art} avocado hello


{art} avocado hello

today, the arts along wthe ideah avocado pthe idea crew along wthe ideah share projects using the September release, grateful for the season. For thwill be card, I used several stamps through thwill be group, including the border, diamond, square filler, two circles along wthe ideah feelings. I combine these stamps wthe ideah a halong wthe ideahful of addthe ideaional tiny limthe ideas along wthe ideah the heart of the three addthe ideaional groups, including the dear sweet treat, Sew Nice thoughts along wthe ideah smiles!

choose four colorations to work wthe ideah along wthe ideah began to seal the border through bottom to top. When the idea was done, I sprinkled ralong wthe ideahomly arena filler wthe ideahfrom the limthe ideas of the diamond. After sealing circles along wthe ideah punching them, along wthe ideah stamped feelings on one along wthe ideah a commthe ideament to ralong wthe ideahomly across the border. It seems something mwill besing even added two hearts a lthe ideatle sweet treat darling along wthe ideah added accents shiny them.

Hooray for the fall, my favorthe ideae season! Weather jacket will be on us along wthe ideah I'm loving. If you want to buy grateful for the season, just click on the chart above. The avocado arts would certainly love to see you to use their own stamps! Remember, there will be no incentive prwill bem as well. ;) Do not forget to check out the following functions for more inspiration:

Emily Branch
Julie Diamond
Kelly Eubanks
Terry Anderson

It's my weekend holiday Chrwill betmas along wthe ideah I turned large __. I think I do not want to think about the idea. laughing loudly! I expect to celebrate wthe ideah a lot of time along wthe ideah some crafty shopping. ;)

Sources: Gina K Designs pure luxury whthe ideae cards. Arts grateful avocado season, a sweet treat dear, a string of Nice, ideas along wthe ideah smiles; SU pumpkin pie, more mustard, celery along wthe ideah certainly Party Rally inks; ink souvenir cocoa-rich evening. SU 3/4 "along wthe ideah 1" Circle punches. SU Crystal impact; We R Memory goalkeeper corner chomper


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