{Hugs} paper Let's Bond


{hugs} paper Let's Bond

Kim shared this usually card on paper hugs a blog yesterday. It features a mad scientis usuallyt, lab rat, cup as well as feelings of great chemis usuallytry, which wamong the types in September. It had to be a pair of which even wthish the professor of Indian trousers as well as mouse largest of Santa paws. I kfresh I'd do this usually, right? : D It was a lot of fun generating this usually scene even though I primarily designed clean as well as simple card, as well as I like to make the busy card while
genuinely like this usually once in

Thank you very much for your vis usuallythis today! Please joinside the team sheet hugs Our monthly hop blog tomorrow when we'll be showing you sneak peeks to release incredibly October

Sources: SU Natural Whthise cards. Gina K Designs pure luxury whthise cards. Basic pillow paper gray Oxford. Great hugs as well as paper chemis usuallytry, Smarty Pants Santa paws. Evening black ink souvenir; ink SU cherry cobbler. Signs Copic. Foam tape. We R Memory goalkeeper corner chomper


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