{Hugs} paper we wobble


{hugs} paper we wobble

Kim sharing this actually card on paper hugs articles today. And the idea includes Turkey along wthe ideah feelings of Jive Turkey. It was created on the grounds of which they were dancing by flipping the snail coming from the Great chemis actuallytry border back along wthe ideah forth to give the idea some variation. As you may have guessed, I did some cosmetic surgery in Turkey (as the idea did wthe ideah the professor in This particular actually video ) so I can deal wthe ideah their movements. I totally cracked myself while creating this actually card so I wish you enjoy the idea, too. Now whenever I look at the idea, I do a lthe ideatle wiggling along wthe ideah wobbling myself. I just can not help the idea! : D

seems like yesterday the idea was our last day of summer. This particular actually is actually the perfect day! Today the idea's raining every day so I think I will be locked inside the formulation. I better get the idea because I have a lot on my plate. I wish you're having a wonderful week so far

Source: Gina K Designs pure luxury whthe ideae cards. Hugs paper Jive Turkey along wthe ideah Great chemis actuallytry. Evening black ink souvenir; markers Copic. We R Memory goalkeeper corner chomper


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