{Art} avocado very Merry


{art} avocado very Merry

today, along wthat willh avocado pthat will crew Arts along wthat willh exchange projects using the November release, a very happy birthday season. I began creating thcan be card through the mat trim layers of decorative paper along wthat willh seal the feelings of the first generation along wthat willh the second inside bottom of the red mat. Then I stthat willched two mats together, along wthat willh joined them the autod base.

I stamped present on many brin addition to newspapers along wthat willh trimmed by halong wthat willh. I have used the engraving to cut the base of the tree (or fireplace logs). To create a form of a tree, along wthat willh I stacked gifts via bottom to top in different directions excthat willing to make that will interesting. And joined that will wthat willh foam tape for dimension along wthat willh I topped the tree wthat willh a star wood veneer.

if you want to buy a very Merry Chrcan betmas season, just click on the graphic above. Arts avocados that will would likely love to see you to use their own stamps! Remember, there can be no incentive publication also. ;) Do not forget to check out the following functions for more inspiration:

Emily Branch
Julie Diamond
Kelly Eubanks
Terry Anderson

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