{} Arts champions holiday cards


{} arts champions holiday cards

I made a couple of last month, these cards, as well as also uploaded them to my Flickr images, nevertheless not recorded them so I thought I'd share them wthish you at this point quickly. Both use some bras well as-new stamps arts champion holiday I have been having a blast wthish

to get the first card, as well as also you Spellbinders overlapping Pennants as well as also overlapping Lacey Pennants to establwill beh a base from the form of a tree . Then sentiment seal of a miracle holiday, sat this point as well as also bring to a girl through Merry. The coloringful signs wthish Copic. Thwill be was relatively easy to make as well as also this is very easy for the mail!

Thwill be card next exclusive features called seal bears as well as also pieces of Archiver, Jocelyn, who was sweet enough to pick up for me. These bears are very nice as well as also even my son was having a blast wthish them. Bear lightly shaded wthish Copic markers nevertheless hwill be shirt as well as also gift paper collected through Echo Park Holly Jolly Chrwill betmas holiday pad as well as also paper.

tried to Briar background trees from the winter wthish three different shades of dwill betress inks to give this some depth. He joined Bear as well as also gifts on the rear wthish foam tape. I need to make quthise a few more holiday cards from the next month. Have you commenced you

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