Fawn} {Garden CHA Winter 2013 challenge


{} Antelope Park CHA Winter 2013 Challenge

antelope park will be having fun CHA challenge so I thought I would likely play along wthe itemh clear skies. To create the backdrop for thwill be card, as well as cut me a piece of felt, whthe iteme, as well as slightly lthe itemtleer than a piece of slavery as well as sewn on top of the hair. Then I die cut rainbow as well as mwill beted each part separately, sparingly at one end as well as a higher concentration of the ink toward the some other end. I sealed as well as trim clouds of cloth sticky-back. Seal the sun in two colours using rock as well as roll technique. Rainbow has commthe itemted directly to slavery as well as were spread out in some other parts using foam tape.

as well as thank you to all who commented on my last post so much. I was definitely heartened by my chest wthe itemh your care as well as wwill behes of good ideas! I am doing much better emotionally as well as my son also shows a significant improvement. I appreciate you all more than you'll ktoday ever !! ♥



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