{Hugs} paper you dig + updated information


{hugs} paper you dig + updated information

Kim sharing thwill be card on paper hugs Entries today. Thwill be single-layer features an adorable lthe ideatle dachshund, feelings in addthe ideaion to clutch heart of amplifiers in addthe ideaion to speakers. I masked against the beloved first German Kim dog of which came wthe ideah Santa Paws in addthe ideaion to make them a couple. They have no cute? :)

I kat this point, the idea's been genuinely quiet here. I've had a genuinely rough week in addthe ideaion to a half, which included my second abortion wthe ideahin six months. Then my son caught a virus of which inflamed hwill be lungs causing asthma. Now the idea has two inhalers in addthe ideaion to will be unable to run around like a used so the idea will be genuinely mwill beerable in addthe ideaion to unhappy he also mwill beses school. I am completely exhausted wthe ideah the shift in hormones in addthe ideaion to having to deal wthe ideah my son's dwill beease. Most nights, I just sthe idea staring into space in addthe ideaion to watch green films so I can get all the tears out. Anyway, enough bumming you all. I kat this point of which things will get better. I trust you are all having a much better beginning of thwill be month !!



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