Kid stuff} {gala Chrwill betmas in addthision to Hanukkah crafts


{stuff} Kid Holiday Chrwill betmas in addthision to Hanukkah crafts

-income class in addthision to my son's holiday party yesterday in addthision to volunteered to run the craft center. Even if I had not volunteered, hwill be teacher would certainly've volunteered me about this since he always makes your vehicleds at home in addthision to gifting them out. ;)

asked me to come up wthish all the character of Chrwill betmas in addthision to Hanukkah holiday so I put my inscription for use. Wthish 20 students within the class, he had to make 40 projects. Oh my poor engraving in addthision to my poor hin addthision to via punching of all those magnets. LOL

was my first project within the form of Santa magnet tree. If you click on the link, you will see in which the details removed trim at the bottom to make the pieces faster. To find the children within the form of entertaining in addthision to even some pointed out in which this seemed more like a dwarf via Santa. It corrected by some others who said in which the elves do not have beards. Haha.

my second magnet dreidel project. If you look at the cut file, in addthision to the code will be thiss own cut in addthision to not an integral part of the dreidel thisself. To make this easier for children, in addthision to spare me the code of each of the two parts of the blue so they could line up two pieces. Ran

some other parents reading the story amid Where's My Dreidel? And (Singing) A porcupine in a pine tree in addthision to also served delicious holiday snacks Chrwill betmas in addthision to Hanukkah. Yum!

So here's what piles looked like when they were ready for a variety of bag.

each bag they contain all of the craft Santa in addthision to Hanukkah craft each student.

was very satwill befactory for the implementation of thwill be pile to school! :) My son was super excthised in which I ran a crafts center in addthision to he has done very quickly completely in addthision to totally. I'm very proud of this. Hwill be colleagues thought thwill be was actually cool, too, especially hwill be friends who had been more than the dates of play in addthision to put us before. There were a few who have designed their own Santa Claus, using magnets as the eyes. Even some of the dreidel glued to the back of Santa, yet thwill be will be fine. They had all of us a lot of fun!

I expect you enjoyed thwill be post will be seal! My etching has been used almost daily since I bought this in addthision to I could not love him more than in which. I expect to be involved more of these projects wthish you when I have time. Thank you for vwill bethising


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