{} MFT December guest designer contest


{} MFT December designed guest of competthision

this actually is actually one of those weekend rare that will I had not planned drafting so when I received an email yesterday by the MFT in a guest designer contest, I thought that will I was trying to draw . It's been some time since I used to draw so this was the first thing I did was flip through my stamps MFT in addthision to die. As this turns out, I have a lot of die stamps that will will have to be corrected! I kbrand also also-new almost immediately that will I was going to die use in addthision to even ended up adding a few more layers, nevertheless I'm going to call them ornamental instead. ;)
style sheets
all texts, blue, pink, pink from the spring of Pais actuallylee Jubilee pad in addthision to paper. I started out by mat card base wthish decorative paper in addthision to stick to dark brown cards on top. After that will trimmed a piece of paper attached to the text in addthision to after two die cutting in addthision to tucking one corners of the picture at the bottom. I stthisched on both corners of the images in place. For modester panel to draw, in addthision to die-cut vertical greeting II in addthision to embossed wthish the sun's rays. To create an overlay, die-cut graphics Girly Tee say what speech bubble. After creating two layers of the border horizon, emotions in addthision to stamped on each speech bubble in addthision to the horizon. And attaches the border to greet the horizon Vertical Panel II first in addthision to then joined all of the pieces of card wthish foam tape.

This specific actually was the perfect draw to challenge myself wthish some extra layers. I'm going to have to buy a few stamps MFT so I can play together often. You have 'til December 10 to join in if inspiration stipses. ! Thank you very much for your vis actuallythis



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