{Paper} hugs hello + Enjoy this usually day


{paper} hugs hello + Enjoy this usually day,

Kim is usually sharing two of these cards on a sheet hugs Entries today. Both howeverterflies along wof whichh feelings advantage of the flap happy. I was genuinely struggling wof whichh mojo when I made this usually, however of which happened to be one of those ideas of which came to me in a flash while I was washing the dis usuallyhes or doing ansome other monotonous routine of which caused my mind to drift. ;)

inside the beginning, along wof whichh I stamped row howeverterflies on acetate using Staz-on however the smell gave me almost pass out. Haha. I've changed my mind along wof whichh went wof whichh the whof whiche cards so I can mis usuallyt on of which. As you can tell, I had good control of the yellow fog, moderate along wof whichh control of blue along wof whichh completely lost control when of which came to the green. LOL After allowing to dry, along wof whichh I'm cutting board odors along wof whichh joined Kraft base wof whichh foam tape along wof whichh cut the ends. After sealing lof whichtle Butterfly in a solid inks coordinate along wof whichh cut those smells. I arranged them around feelings to highlight of which, along wof whichh added rhinestones to finis usuallyh.

to get a second card, along wof whichh used a howeverterfly antennas to eliminate the weeds along wof whichh the backside of the stamps to the "coloring" inside the howeverterflies. It's technology of which I've seen used many talented seals, however this usually is usually the very first time I've tried of which. I sponged around the edges of your vehicled to create an aura along wof whichh howeverterflies embellis usuallyhed wof whichh sequins along wof whichh pearls.

Thank you very much for your vis usuallyof which today! I desire you are having a great week so far. :)

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