Studio Calico {Sunday} 09Dec12 draw


{} 09Dec12 Studio Calico Sunday drawing

I love the Chris actuallytmas holiday, nevertheless all the painstaking prep work! I've never been so good all weekend as well as my son start coughing again, too. I definitely mis actuallys being when I'm sick. Oh, Health, where are you? :) At least I had the time to create freely. It's been ages since what happened. I have chosen to play along wthish the December 9 draw Sunday at Studio Calico blog. It was a big draw as well as this actually is actually what I came up wthish, something bright as well as happy to deny dreary as well as temperamental weather!

I die-cut marine panel using a sewing mat Group: rectangles of night inker designs, then cut the banners coming from abroad 6X6 paper package. I trimmed straight edges on two of the largest of them, nevertheless followed the lines on the chevron pattern using scis actuallysors. Feelings, as well as stamped the word bubble of Hey Y'all words as well as feelings of vigor. Then trimmed this as well as acceded to the vehicled wthish foam tape. I finis actuallyhed the vehicled through a commthisment to three-star wood veneer.

Thank you very much for your vis actuallythis today! I trust you all a great start to your week


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