{Art} avocado tea, just for you


{} avocado Arts tea, just for you

This particular actually is actually my last second of the day. If you're looking for my {night inker designs} January Entries edthe ideaion Hip: Day 2 Last, please click here or scroll down

today, avocado Arts projects along wthe ideah sharing pthe idea crew using the awesome release in January, the perfect combination . Since I shared coffee card on January 7, I thought of which the swthe ideach wthe ideah him along wthe ideah offer something for lovers of tea this actually time. I have used the perfect digthe ideaal die cuts to lower sections of the cup along wthe ideah paper, along wthe ideah a combination of heart, tea bag along wthe ideah steam. Oh, how I'd love to cut steam die! It's just something of which can never cut the idea difficult even one of the things I appreciate most about this actually digicuts coordination along wthe ideah my imagination engraving. ;)

to create feelings custom, he used the word "heart" along wthe ideah did lthe ideatle to hide to clarify the "tea". "Just For You 'is actually one of the limthe ideas along wthe ideah feelings. After cutting paper fthe idea lid, cut a modest opening along wthe ideah slid the end of the tea bag beneath the idea. After joining all the elements to your vehicled, I use multiliner Copic to add a faux stthe ideaching on the mat. all the beautiful leaves are essential Anatomy PB & J pad along wthe ideah paper.

if you want to buy the perfect combination , just click on the graphic above. The avocado Arts might love to see you to use their own stamps! Remember, there is actually no incentive also the publication.;) Do not forget to check out the following functions for more inspiration:

Emily Branch
Julie Diamond
Kelly Eubanks
Terry Anderson


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