{Hugs} paper i ♥ u much sewing


{hugs} paper i ♥ u sew much

Happy Tuesday! Kim sharing this actually card on paper hugs articles today. It features a stamp of needle Lthe ideatle Love along that has also, of course, two die coming from the launch of the Winter CHA, which will be available for purchase on February 1. I flipped upside down thimble down to create a tiny flower pot package of paper collected flowers. I wamong the stthe ideached lines to create a stem. I stamped feelings, cut him along that has also arranged to duo Death 2 framework along that has also arrange flouris actuallyhes of thrives 1 die around the idea. Each style sheet is actually one of the pad along that has also paper along that has also paper Acorn Street's cage.

Thank you for vis actuallythe ideaing! Have a nice day !!


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