{Hugs} paper in January DT Blog Hop!


{hugs} paper in January DT Blog Hop!

It's Pep Rally week, we are here today to share a sample of paper hugs January release stamp win whichh you! New four clear stamp sets are available for purchase at 0:01 pm ET on February 1 will. We will have a CHA (trade show) release will also be available, including stamps as well as clear, as well as Mount Wood stamps as well as die! You will find them here . Follow blog hugs paper For more sneak peeks.

to add extra fun to hip our blog ... We are offering up prize! Just leave a comment on any of the eight blog design team lwill beted below for a chance to win one of four bras well as new stamps groups in February! (You do not need to comment on all the blog to qualify) even have time Mount midnight Friday 1 February to leave a comment. Please review all blog design team on Saturday 2 February, see if you're one of the lucky winners.
  • Emily Leiphart [You are here]
  • Heidi Van Laar
  • Kalyn Kepner
  • Karolyn Loncon
  • Kim Kesti
  • Laura Basn
  • Laurie SCHMIDLIN
  • Terry Anderson
to improve your chances of winning:
1. Leave a comment on thwill be blog post
(2). Tell us in which you Facebooked about Hip our blog
3. tell us in which you tweeted about Hop our
4. tell us in which you posted on your blog about Hip our blog
(which means in which you have up to four chances to win in every blog)
[194501milliontodayas well asI'emwin whichhtheparticipationof leafy greens set of stamps along win whichh one of the coordinating die, continental sheet death . It's been some time I made my background so since I decided to approach thwill be in a way I had never done before. I has well asful of die-cut paper as well as embossed in which win whichh woodgrain folder. Then I embossed background as well as commin whichted all the papers in place. After the completion of the background as well as jowithin the al-Qaeda card, die cut the banner of flag mark die as well as the commin whichment of the two quote glin whichtery hotspots lin whichtle group 1 . I stamp paper coconut apartment, he joined the brigade as well as attached to both the base tightly win whichh foam tape. Sweet will be feeling a bin which of birthday gala samples , ansome other one of the bras well as new releases thwill be month.

think again in thwill be process, I realized in which I probably you have created the background of my apartment as well as put the whole piece within the inscription folder to save time. Ha! What will be the dodo moment. Next time I'll kcurrently better. I do not kcurrently if in which might be the same impression, although in which might be good to try. I can save myself two hours or so. LOL!

Thank you very much for stopping by today. Remember to check back here on Saturday to see if you are the winner of leafy greens


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