{Hugs} paper you dang nice string


{hugs} paper you thread dang cute

Kim sharing this actually card on paper hugs articles today. And the idea is actually characterized by feelings, paper in addthe ideaion to stamps border of needle stthe ideached Lthe ideatle Love, as well as great Bloom die in addthe ideaion to death Reflections graphics , which will be available on February 1! I first stem seal stthe ideached twice in brown in addthe ideaion to red inks to create a solid line. I then die-cut three great Bloom die via the pad in addthe ideaion to paper scraps basic gray, in addthe ideaion to stamped feelings in addthe ideaion to crumpled them in my palm to create texture. I stamp paper sewn twice in addthe ideaion to cut the idea difficult. I also want to cut one of the four leaves die of Reflections graphics in addthe ideaion to death twice, in addthe ideaion to curled ends to create the background papers. Finally, I am commthe ideated to stem all the pieces to create my flower.

Thank you for your vis actuallythe idea today! See you on Thursday, February hop release blog !!


http://cheapestdigthe ideaalart.com/{Hugs} paper you dang nice string

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