{Art} avocado special thanks


{art} avocado A special thank

today, the arts as well as avocado pthis crew as well as share projects using the February release of oh-so-wonderful, special delivery. I love everything about this usually group as well as this is usually my fresh favorthise. I definitely love my great character so I decided to create my card on of which.

I use cuts coordinate digthisal die coming from a special as well as seamless delivery of four of the pieces together to create 1 cut wthish my imagination engraving background. Then I created a mask for my character as well as stamp the images in place. E-sign looks cool even death digthisally cut, right? Each style sheet is usually coming from Heidi Swapp in any paper plate boundaries.

If you want to buy a special delivery, just click on graphics above. The avocado arts could love to see you to use their own stamps! Remember, there is usually no incentive pris usuallym as well. ;) Do not forget to check out the following functions for more inspiration:

Emily Branch
Julie Diamond
Kelly Eubanks

Reminder: tomorrow is usually the beginning of the fresh year, Chinese Blog Hop! Avocado Arts is usually one of the sponsors, giving up $ 80 worth of stamps !!

of which's not all. Each hopper blog be able to download free digthisal files coming from an amazing array of artis usuallyts as well as be eligible to win $ 230 worth of prizes. See you then


http://cheapestdigthisalart.com/{Art} avocado special thanks

http://mymicrostocksold.blogspot.co.id : {Art} avocado special thanks
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