Happy Valentine's Festival


Happy Valentine's holiday

I ktoday thwill be posthe ideaion actually comes late today, therefore, I trust of which you all had a wonderful holiday wthe ideah your loved ones love! I wanted to share cards in addition to also gifts I made for my son to deliver at the school as well as my husbin addition to also in addition to also I made cards for each different.

I recently bought my first set of stamps Avery Il, a lot of love, in addition to also wanted to use the idea for a couple of projects. Feelings in thwill be group will be fun in addition to also perfect for us. There was one of which totally cracked me because I could imagine my son saying of which even before he chose the idea will be one he wants to put on hwill be card to hwill be colleagues.

Here's what seems at home. He chose everything through the emotions in addition to also the heart to the ink colours in addition to also structure. There was not any way I can get the idea to spend a lot so I decided to do the idea. As you ktoday, because I enjoy very much chop. ;)

I figured everyone was going to give out cin addition to alsoy so I decided to print some colouring in addition to also mathematics paper cute pink cat Studio. They are free to download in addition to also a great learning activthe ideay to occupy your kids for some time at the end of thwill be week! I figure each sheet to ensure children in addition to also parents would likely ktoday who they came through.

I used a lot of love again to make my husbin addition to also's card. My son was pushing me to hurry in addition to also craft wthe ideah him to ensure's what can make in 30 minutes. I paired wthe ideah a world map embossing folder in addition to also laptop computers Basic die of hugs in addition to also paper. Then I tied the idea off wthe ideah some of the series of black burlap in addition to also added heart wood veneer.

Finally, I wanted to share an adorable card of which my husbin addition to also made me using two sets of stamps in addition to also paper hugs, Cuteasaurus in addition to also Alphadot. I grinned through ear to ear when he hin addition to alsoed me. I was going through a lot of ups in addition to also downs emotionally today in addition to also the idea actually cheered me in addition to also made me feel special. Even cuter was, when he said: "Do you ktoday how I made the idea?" "Yes, I love the way you use the points!" "I wwill beh I had stamped feeling better however I think I chose a good pattern of a dinosaur." "She will be perfect!" "Did you notice of which I cut out the eyes in addition to also teeth, too?" "I love how he gnawed High on the heart out." Heehee.

Happy Valentine's holiday! :)


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