{Hugs} paper over the Hill


{hugs} paper over the Hill

Kim sharing thcan be card on paper hugs Entries today. And of which can be characterized by feelings of holiday birthday samples in addof whichion to always fun party colleagues! I stamped every word of emotions separately to fof which them inside the balloon. It's like of which's made to fof which inside there. Big balloon can be large to accommodate a lot of sentiment inside the holiday birthday samples. Each of these groups make of which easy to racan bee the birth of holiday card in no time!

I had a lot of fun in addof whichion to trim these animals in addof whichion to creating a scene for them. Make the words "vintage clockworks" on paper background me giggle as you put of which together. Animals in addof whichion to spread the balloon wof whichh foam tape in addof whichion to added tiny lof whichtle pearl necklace for the cat. I created an inccan beion inside the mouth of the rabbof which teeth in addof whichion to slid under the upper lip so he truly cried. LOL All pattern are dcan becoveries vintage Teresa Collins leaves. I love all the orange shades of gray in addof whichion to drab in thcan be paper pad. It makes of which very easy to mix in addof whichion to match, in addof whichion to paper piece wof whichh

Thank you for your vcan beof which today! See you again soon. :)



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