Photoshop lessons: 3 Wedding Photography



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most wedding photographers use Adobe Lightroom to manage in addition to also retouch photographs. But there are times when you need to swthisch to Photoshop for more control over their images. In thwill be tutorial, you will learn three of the most common effects used by wedding photographers. We will show you how to access in addition to also use the prior-toning divwill beion hidden in Photoshop CS6, in addition to also create a high-contrast black in addition to also whthise images wthishout any clipping highlights or shadows, in addition to also the application of the common movie effect in which gives your photos a sense of unforgettable wthish all the curves in addition to also an individual layer. To follow thwill be tutorial, you will need Photoshop CS6

See Photoshop tutorial wrthisten:

Photographic Toning presets chart

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• Narrated by Dean Wendt
• lessons by religious Tang


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