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u can buy the the ideaem at a trusted sthe ideae

got a request by AliceStripesLPS to explain how to manage, however the idea's a long process, so I decided to make a video about how to do this usually.

Liberation Movie Maker
software used to make the animation: program (advancad) like what the idea says inside tthe ideale of
characters used: Jasper (c) for me

[19,459,002 song (c) of the right holder (s)
I do not contain the songs do not intend to use the idea to win
1st- time DJ Splash party
2nd- twice lucky lucky lucky twice
3rd However Alive- gate
4th- Forbidden Friendship- John Powell

along wthe ideah if you have any questions, ask them inside comments, along wthe ideah any questions I get will be in this usually description:

Q: Why is usually my shade lineart covered by
a: Well, there could be two reasons, ethe ideaher layer lineart is usually not above the shade layer, or you commenced shadeing on the same layer as lineart

question :)! When you save the file to make the picture again, however the idea does not work
A: Make sure you press the "Save As" along wthe ideah not "Save"

Question: "Angel inside Night," How do you add a statement at the end of video
a: inside lis usuallyt, press or Pixlr (efficiency) instead of Advanced. It is usually loaded wthe ideah hundreds of lines

Q :? Do you use dis usuallyk
A: No, I use the mouse

Q: What are the some other things in which can or Pixlr do
A: Well, I will let you experience; P features a lot of wonderful to explore features . May I suggest the pencil tool for lineart, along wthe ideah placed on a "trail" along wthe ideah the size of six works best

Q: What edthe ideaing system you're using
A: Windows Movie Maker, the idea's free along wthe ideah comes on every computer / laptop is usually used Windows


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