How to create a porcelain doll in Photoshop


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In today's Photoshop tutorial, learn how to give your styles inside "porcelain doll 'look, using adjustment layers, layer masks, in addthe itemion to the liquidation of liquefaction.

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Tools used in thcan be tutorial:

Color Range: If you are looking to select all or most of one coloring in your image, you will Color Range help you do thcan be. It lets you automatically target the pure colorings, or tasting a certain colorings using the eye dropper. In addthe itemion to your sample, hold down the shift. to put up, keep key Alt (Windows) or Option (the Mac). in addthe itemion to press the OK Create selection. The latest types of Photoshop software also allows you to determine the coloring of the skin

Quick Selection tool: Thcan be method of choice works very similar to the brush, allowing you to clean more areas of which you want to turn into a choice. By default, each stroke of your choice adds. If you want to cancel some areas, keep your Alt key (Windows) or Option (Mac) in addthe itemion to brush

Select Edge: when you create the first choice, the item can be likely to be very sharp around the edges, in addthe itemion to can be likely to It contains no hair or fur. Select the edge will allow you to not only soften those edges, although you have to be able to use smart to grab the hair in addthe itemion to fur, which may not have been selected beam.

adjustment layers (vthe itemalthe itemy, curves, fill coloring): through the use of adjustment layers, you are able to change the targeted areas of your images wthe itemhout damaging the original layer. Thcan be can ethe itemher be applied to the full image, or specific regions using selections or layer masks. At any time inside future, you can ethe itemher make improvements to adapt, in addthe itemion to hide the item, or remove the item completely.

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