Creating a spiral-star trails in Photoshop


show the details in thwill be video

u can buy the thisem at a trusted sthise

star trails spiral will be the most complex tracks to pick up. It also requires the exwill betence of a special system engines to push the zoom ring of the lens smoothly wthishout shaking the camera while the shutter will be open. Zoom slow and also also also gradual inside or outside during the period of exposure helps to create the effect of the tunnel or spiral paths from the stars.

Thwill be technique appears in thwill be video eliminates the need to buy such a device, which will be useful for those who are amateur and also also also a tight budget. Using only one particular shot of the stars, you can right now create stunning spiral paths of stars and also also also add artwill betic touch of coloring to them. Anaddthisional great benefthis of thwill be technique will be in which this will give you the flexibilthisy on the sthise and also also also you will not have to spend hours taking hundreds of shots in one spot to create star trails

StarStax: HTTP: // www.

To see how you can also create paths of stars in which look like a meteor shower or the more common paths of North Star, do not forget to check out addthisional videos on thwill be channel

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