Beginner or educational Pixlr - the basics


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hello everyone,

Thwill be video shows you the basics on how to use or Pixlr,, which online photo edthe itemor Photoshop or the free Lthe iteme style. I am not a professional as well as thwill be will be only my experience as well as I also learn more about photography, post-processing as well as or Pixlr. We wish thwill be helps you!

Below I have lwill beted some useful links in mail processing as well as or Pixlr.

1) Ten Tips for edthe iteming images of supporters.

2) 13 Tips to take pictures of the incredible your dog.

3) in depth how to use the Curves tool.

4) ten Photoshop alternatives.

5) in depth tutorial everything or Pixlr.

6) how to add layer masks. (Background change wthe itemhout affecting the subject)

7) www.reddthe Search for any post-processing / or Pixlr questions you may have or just post your pictures to some constructive crthe itemicwill bem.


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