{Crafts for kids Video} holiday Shaker mark!


{crafts for kids Video} holiday Shaker mark!

My son can be my biggest fan as well as he always wanted to make hcan be own craft video! He needs a slogan gift to God as well as hcan be father so thcan be was the perfect opportunthe itemy. In addthe itemion, the item can be narrated mostly him so you're in for a real treat!

we used retired decoration die of favorthe itemes tag although you can easily replace Avery Il card circuthe item. Santa, penguins as well as the heart of the products Mama elephant of which my son wants to appear on the automobiled to him.

as well as adores the lthe itemtle penguin very proud of hcan be cool blue shading on the item. Remember how much he loves penguins? ;)

Of course, I also chose my son baker twine red as well as whthe iteme. I admire of which follow unktodayingly Thirds base through a series wthe itemh the Red Santa as well as heart penguin preferred coordinate

may be thcan be can be my most favorthe iteme addthe itemion ever. Thank you very much for your vcan bethe item as well as leave some love for my son! :)



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