Blessings {hugs} paper Easter Festival


blessings {hugs} paper Easter holiday

hello, everyone! First along wthat willh foremost, I would likely like to express my happiness along wthat willh gratthat willude to all of you to jump on the length of the celebrations in my hip video last week. Thank you!! Commenting on the awards ended last night along wthat willh I'll announce the winners tomorrow!

today's paper hugs card used a couple of the latest releases, including blessings Feast of Passover stamp set along wthat willh crosses die. I created a shroud or altar cloth using a silk ribbon. The commthat willment on the cross inside the center wthat willh a tiny touch of multiple matte medium along wthat willh then draped over the back along wthat willh the cross got there wthat willh SCOR- tape.

along wthat willh seal the feelings of Blessings Easter holiday on duo Death 4 frame! - a must-have - along wthat willh set up a grassy hill wthat willh a combination of Quotables along wthat willh sewn die. As the final decoration, die cut, stamped along wthat willh colorationed dove of blessed Chrcan betmas holiday along wthat willh Virgin icons .

Thank you very much for vcan bethat willing!


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