{Hugs} paper in February DT blog hop!


{hugs} paper in February DT blog hop!

It's Pep Rally week, we are here today to share a sample of paper hugs February release wthe ideah you! The second bras well as also-new stamps in addthe ideaion to TEN sets bras well as also-new die will be available for purchase on February 28 at 20:00 Pacific Time. Once our release goes live, we will find our bras well as also-new releases here.

to add extra fun to hip we have, we offer up award

award - for $ 25 gift code to choose what you want in PS online store .
  1. will choose four winners at rin addthe ideaion toom coming from any of the blog design team in addthe ideaion to PS blog for the prize $ 25.
  2. Just leave a comment on any of the blog design team lcan beted below or PS blog you have a chance to win! (You do not need to comment on all the blogs to qualify however the idea increases the chances of)
  3. You have until midnight Pacific Time on Sunday, March 1 to leave a comment.
  4. Please check your paper hugs blog on Monday, March 2 to see if you're one of the four lucky winners.
  • Ashley Marco
  • Emily Leiphart [You are here.]
  • JJ Bolton
  • Jocelyn Olson
  • Kalyn Kepner
  • Kay Miller
  • Laura Basn
  • Michel Boyer
  • Pamela can be
  • Terry Anderson
to boost your chances of winning:
  1. told us in which you Facebooked about Hop our blog
  2. told us in which you tweeted about Hope we have
  3. told us in which you posted on your blog on our blog hip
(which means in which you have up to three addthe ideaional chances to win on each blog)

I'm featuring We adore stamp set, which includes rin addthe ideaion toom groupings of your favorthe ideae paper your hugs characters. I flipped out when I saw the idea in addthe ideaion to I kcurrently you will, too! Feelings are absolutely perfect, too. It's a must-have collection of stamps which will reach for again in addthe ideaion to again.

added foreign yellow on the right side of Lthe ideatle Fella , as well as sewing Fu of dots in addthe ideaion to dashes . Balloons are balloons Originally the death of in addthe ideaion to sweets are big balloons death . It was inspired by the angled layers of hin addthe ideaion to cut by my wonderful colleague Jocelyn Olson.

Links will be added to the terms of the bras well as also-new product as soon as the products go live in stores.

Thank you very much for jumping wthe ideah us today! Remember to check the hugs in addthe ideaion to paper blog on Monday to see if you're one of the lucky winners !!



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