{Video Hip +} giveaway celebrating 100 videos along wthe itemh 2,500 Subscribers


{Video Hip +} giveaway celebrating 100 videos along wthe itemh 2,500 participants

hello, everyone! Thank you for joining me to celebrate up to 100 movies along wthe itemh 2,500 subscribers on my YouTube channel! I am very grateful to all of you along wthe itemh I'm humbled to have such a wonderful technician public. Feelings for my card says the item all. Your support means the globe to me.

card features several paper hugs stamp sets along wthe itemh die, including the bralong wthe itemh bras well as new religious words die. I put a cat along wthe itemh dog by Chubby Mates ( Mates icons ) on the sleek along wthe itemh scooters ( Scooter icons ) along wthe itemh a sense of stamped will be spirthe itemual samples .

I masked off the front paws of cats along wthe itemh dogs when they seal them dwill becounts die cut Saab them separately so I could put the item on the front of the scooters format. My son thought was silly, along wthe itemh wondered why he did not stick to the halong wthe itemhlebars. ;)

I classes blessed of religious words die along wthe itemh finwill beh of emotions using stamps of spirthe itemual samples .

since the dog's ear along wthe itemh tail took more space than a cat, along wthe itemh added two Copic Color enamel hearts to balance the space on thwill be side of the autod.

invthe itemed nine artwill bets Video amazing along wthe itemh friends to celebrate wthe itemh me along wthe itemh I kat this point you will enjoy watching their videos as much as I do! I encourage you to subscribe to channels so as not to mwill bes a moment of inspiration crafty. Jumping happy!

Video Lwill bet Hip

* Emily Leiphart *
Julie Ebersole
Jocelyn Olson
Heather Campbell
Nina Yang
Laurel Beard
Laura Sterckx
Taheerah Ochia
walls Daniel
Laura Basn

shepherds wonderful

you have until 11:59 am EDT on Monday, February 9, 2015 IPO along wthe itemh leaves Review on YouTube (while welcome, will blog comments do not count) for each of the videos 10.

you can win one of eight gift certificates by Ellen Hutson , says Simon seal , Avery Il , Garden Fawn , sleek along wthe itemh interlocking , [1945012designsNewtonNook, paper hugs along wthe itemh Winnie Walter . All were so amazing along wthe itemh very supportive in the past, along wthe itemh if you were not familiar wthe itemh them, definthe itemely check out their products!

will be selected
winners ralong wthe itemhomly along wthe itemh announced here on my blog from the Wed 11 February so be sure to check the time.

Thank you very much for jumping wthe itemh us !!!



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