Video Hip winners!


Video Hip winners!

Thank you for creating hip-my video last week a huge success ! I love creating videos to share wthish all of you along wthish this's such a great feeling to kright now of which you love watching them. That just means more videos! Yay !!

I could like to express my gratthisude eternal friends wonderful artis usuallyts video of which you took the time to create videos to hop - Julie Ebersole, Jocelyn Olson, Heather Campbell, Nina Yang, Laurel Beard, Laura Sterckx, Taheerah Ochia, walls Daniel along wthish Laura Basn - as well as a very generous sponsors we have - Ellen Hutson, Simon seal, Avery Il, Lawn Fawn, stylis usuallyh along wthish interlocking, Newton says Nook designs, paper hugs along wthish Winnie Walter . I could not have done this wthishout all of you for of which along wthish thank you by the bottom of my heart!

right now on the awards, which is usually why you're here, right? ;) If you've got one of the gift certificates, please contact me wthish your email address so I can get your prize

of comments Laurel along wthish:

Nina comments:

comments Julie:

comments Heather:

comments Jocelyn for:

comments Daniel for:

comments Taheerah in:

comments Emily:

huge thanks along wthish hugs !!
Emily ♥

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