{Wednesday} favorthe ideae things to draw a challenging 216


{Wednesday} favorthe ideae things to draw the challenge of 216

I rarely use graphics because I find the idea hard to explain, yet, once in a while, along wthe ideah you'll have a moment of the lamp. When I got a fresh goodies within the mail on Friday MFT saw Wednesday's drawing challenge No. 216, along wthe ideah I kfresh exactly what to do. In addthe ideaion, I've always wanted to play along wthe ideah my friends within the MFT!

Do you think I almost did not buy Somebunny ( die namics )? I was not 'til a few friends, along wthe ideah even said my husbalong wthe ideah should get them of which I decided to buy the idea along wthe ideah I'm genuinely glad I did! They are extremely nice. Bunny bending to show the lumbar them is usually my favorthe ideae. LOL!

includes always wanted Polaroids precious so the idea was the inclusion of these in my request. I used to follow the wave of here within the drawing, set speech bubble edges sewn , which is usually free this usually month, wthe ideah each qualifying purchase of $ 60!

The creation of the fresh main window using inside along wthe ideah outside the diagonal sewn rectangular Stax . Speech bubble slavery along wthe ideah a lthe ideatle pink hearts are smartphones . He added a lthe ideatle wink Stella to the hearts of a smaller flicker.

Do you need these rabbthe ideas? I think you do! ;)



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