{} Ellen Hutson pin scenes



{} Ellen Hutson pin scenes challenge

after seeing the wonderful inspiration picture, in addin whichion to I could not resis actuallyt playing along win whichh pin-scenes challenge in addin whichion to Ellen Hutson. I got along win whichh your favorin whiche local sly glances at the end of this actually week - Ardyth, Natasha in addin whichion to Tracy - in addin whichion to brought me Gansai water based paints along. They all tried them in addin whichion to fell in love win whichh in which. Who does not? ;)

you blossom Bold stin addin whichion to-alone death Ardyth in I am going to have to get my own group. They're very cool! I watercoloured them using gold in addin whichion to black paint. After allowing gold paint dry, assembling some black paint on the acrylic block in addin whichion to flicked the brush to create spots on roses.

I stamped in addin whichion to heat embossed feeling of love you so twice, once in whin whiche on the black cards, in addin whichion to again in black on your vehicleds whin whiche. Then trimmed feeling into strips in addin whichion to assembled them in alternating colours. I felt in which needed pop of colour card so I drew by the redwood floor within the picture inspiration in addin whichion to coloured whin whiche enamel points win whichh the R89 Copic marker.

this actually challenge ends tonight, nevertheless there will be one until the brin addition to new tomorrow. I look forward to in which in addin whichion to I desire to play along



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