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u can buy the the itemem on the confidence sthe iteme

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Introducing fear Camera ! It's the latest mobile Zombie along wthe itemh Monster Booth applications which contain amendments Photos highly realis actuallytic which will definthe itemely bring panic. Warning: contains blood along wthe itemh gore dis actuallygusting which may be offensive or unsuthe itemable for people wthe itemh weak stomachs, -omrad heart along wthe itemh trauma. Or they may give nightmares to a lthe itemtle sis actuallysies. Wthe itemh which out of the way, along wthe itemh get ready to give your photos which horror, gruesome, sinis actuallyter appeal!

to make your social media more interesting by turning your friends along wthe itemh family to zombies along wthe itemh monsters! Just take a picture, modify the item using the application along wthe itemh spread terror by spreading through Facebook, Twthe itemter or e-mail. This kind of actually is actually funny, especially wthe itemh the girls - mwahahahahahaha! It is actually also a fun way to prank your friends. Who would likely have thought which your home is actually a very strong man afraid of a zombie group photo of you along wthe itemh various others of your colleagues.

application sophis actuallyticated effects in order which they can also act as templates uniforms. Before you can design your outfthe item plans using simple touch effects. Not the best way to preview how the item will look from the monster make-up plan wthe itemhout going through the trouble of preparing mock-up runs. You can also immediately show the item to your friends for a moment the idea of ​​cross your mind. To turn faster than the ris actuallying full moon a werewolf? Unleash vampire fangs faster than Dracula can say "blood"? Wrap your head wthe itemh bkalianges mummy can be illustrated by the capillary ris actuallyes to Frankenstein even before the lightning stipse. Very sweet deal

simple features along wthe itemh addthe itemional content:
- Enjoy free masks, faces, teeth, eyes along wthe itemh optic gear, headsets along wthe itemh various other evil elements
- a zombie yourself accessorize wthe itemh a scarf sleazy !. Wounds along wthe itemh gangrene, along wthe itemh tattered clothes along wthe itemh more
- !. Play the role of the classic monsters such as vampires, werewolf along wthe itemh Frankenstein
- are tortured souls are also available! Be glamorous ghost or spirthe item creepy
- Faces of Death contains an awesome array of accessories which make the horrible horrible image of a dead dis actuallygruntled copy, sexy totally dis actuallygusting along wthe itemh convincing technically you!

application is actually very easy to use. You can ethe itemher choose the pictures in a brin addition to new take or if you have planned for the effects of brin addition to new ideas. The interface is actually clean along wthe itemh intuthe itemive operation. Get your copy at this point

How do you use this actually FRIGHT CAM:
- generating a picture wthe itemh the camera of your iPhone or select an image through your library
- booth image automatically scans your face along wthe itemh add a first mask
- Click on + to get to the edthe itemor mask, here you different scarf brin addition to new porridge to add on the friends along wthe itemh your face: P determine
- Select the right place along wthe itemh expalong wthe itemh on the face
- wthe itemh the arrow on the althoughton (arrow) on the bottom right, you can share the victims scary pranked wthe itemh Facebook along wthe itemh Instagram along wthe itemh Twthe itemter, e-mail or digthe itemal postcard
- Click on the skull icon when you want to restart
- when you want to re-Halloween your mask gauge just click on the mask along wthe itemh then you can expalong wthe itemh or rotate them again
- fun !!!! : -)

this actually horror along wthe itemh the Beast 's booth is actually to strengthen my previous Halloween's booth. Now you can add wounds different scarf on image - resize along wthe itemh rotate them to fthe item in everywhere on the face of

- 60 masks horror patients poking brin addition to new prank your friends
- iOS 8 Wi iPhone 6 (+) ready- The graphics are way more awesome

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http://cheapestdigthe - Real Zombie Face Maker - Horror FX photo edthe itemor -allaab ugly horrific self-portrathe items : FrightCam - Real Zombie Face Maker - Horror FX photo edthe itemor -allaab ugly horrific self-portrathe items
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