{Hugs} paper Feline Friends Icons


{hugs} paper Feline Friends Icons

Today, I am sharing quick in addin whichion to easy using the autod Feline Friends set of stamps in addin whichion to coordinate Feline Friends Icons . My father had a black cat, whin whiche cat in addin whichion to we contain the current family is actually a brown tabby, however I've always wanted orange kin whichty (or kin whichty creamsicle, as I like to call in which) so I decided to make orange kin whichty highlight of my card. I just love the way these cuts die around the tail in addin whichion to whin whiche stripes on the back!

I used inks souvenir Lux to eliminate Kin whichty in addin whichion to his actually treasure of fis actuallyh. Yum! I love the smooth consis actuallytency in addin whichion to excellent coverage of these pigment inks. I also used Quotables in addin whichion to die sewn to create the hill. Then heating embossed feeling of birthday gala samples to terminate the autod, doing in which ideal birthday holiday card for any cat lover.

Thank you very much for vis actuallyin whiching!



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