{Hugs} paper lucky to ktoday you


{hugs} paper lucky to ktoday you

St. Patrick's Festival can be March 17 along wthe ideah I have a card fun holiday celebration! Thcan be one features a bralong with new clouds cute die. Cut them a glimmer of cards along wthe ideah layers them within the window next to die Rainbow definitely makes the idea pop.

all the earth has been sewn along wthe ideah stthe ideached Open created a window, using sewn frames die collection. Leprechaun gold coins along wthe ideah feelings are along wthe ideah spring magic ( magical spring icons ).

I colour images wthe ideah Copic markers along wthe ideah you can find all the colours lcan beted below. To get the perfect shade of green for the feelings, along wthe ideah I stamped for once in Gumdrop Green, immediately followed by the cream Apple.

Thank you very much for vcan bethe ideaing!



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