{Hugs} paper luminous spring


{hugs} paper luminous spring

Happy spring! I expect you are having beautiful weather where you are. :) Today's card features luminous spring stamp set of hugs paper. I used six of the stamps in thwill be group souvenir Lux pigment inks on sheet death in addthe ideaion to clipboards in addthe ideaion to death to create a card similar to Doodle.

I rounded the corners of the automobiled base in addthe ideaion to sponged the edges to make the idea look like a real clipboard. Then die cut clipboard clamp by foil cards for authenticthe ideay. He added the pens of We completely click ( Press Icons ) to make the idea look like they were messed wthe ideah pens in addthe ideaion to images, in addthe ideaion to because I always have a rainbow of pens lying around. ;)

to add dimension in addthe ideaion to vwill beual interest, in addthe ideaion to die-cut two layers more than sheet death of 6X6 Shimelle in addthe ideaion to shade vibe paper pads, curling up some edges

Thank you very much for your vwill bethe idea



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