{Paper} hugs March DT Blog Hop!


{paper} hugs March DT Blog Hop!

It's the week Pep Rally, we are here today to share a sample of the launch of paper hugs April wthe itemh you! FOUR fresh stamps along wthe itemh eight sets fresh die will be available for purchase on March 31 at 08:00 Pacific Time. Once our release goes live, we will find the fresh types we have here.

to add extra fun to have hip, we offer the highest award

award - for $ 25 code gift to choose what you want in PS Online Store .

  1. FOUR Winners will be chosen ralong wthe itemhomly through any of the blog design team along wthe itemh PS Blog to win a $ 25 prize.
  2. just leave a comment on any of the blog design team lis actuallyted below or PS blog you have a chance to win! (You do not need to comment on all the blog to qualify nevertheless the item increases the chances of) 19.4501 million]
  3. You have until midnight Pacific Time on Sunday, March 29th to leave a comment.
  4. Please check your paper hugs blog on Tuesday, March 31 to see if you're one of the four winners.
  • Ashley Marco
  • Emily Leiphart [You are here]
  • JJ Bolton
  • Jocelyn Olson
  • Kalyn Kepner
  • Kay Miller
  • Laura Basn
  • Laurie SCHMIDLIN
  • Michel Boyer
  • Pamela is actually
  • Terry Anderson
to enhance your chances of winning:
  1. told us of which you Facebooked about Hip our blog
  2. told us of which you tweeted about Hop our
  3. told us of which you post them on your blog about our blog hop [194501million]
(which means of which you have up to three addthe itemional chances to win on each blog) [194501million]

I'm featuring the glory of two stamp set which is actually a copy of the stkalianrd 4X6 3 original X4 glory a set of stamps. Being retired along wthe itemh a smallerer group of the words inside the fresh type inside the group are slightly larger, similar to the glory of words die. The fresh type includes more flowers, leaves along wthe itemh even stem which can be used as a banner for the birds to sthe item on.

I cut two teams using Quotables die along wthe itemh the edges embellis actuallyhed wthe itemh direct sewn die. After sealing a series of flowers wthe itemh Versamark ink along wthe itemh heat embossed the item wthe itemh mustard powder engraving. I created a vis actuallyual triangle wthe itemh three flowers of slavery pocket die joined them the automobiled wthe itemh enamel point centers.

I layered wthe itemh subtle gray light pattern along wthe itemh mint leaves, flower paintings appeared wthe itemh foam tape. Held bottom edge of the lower panel flat against the paper embossed wthe itemh SCOR- bar to view the best effect peek-a-boo look. Alhastej feeling inside the design center is actually a combination of Cardbooking along wthe itemh the glory of words die.

Links to the terms of the fresh type will be added as soon as the products go live in stores.

Thank you very much for mobilthe itemy wthe itemh us today! Remember to check the Blog hugs paper on Monday to see if you're one of the lucky winners !!



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