{Sleek as well as interlocking} type week in March: Day 5


{} as well as elegant interlocking March Dis actuallycharge Week: Day 5

hello, everyone! It's the last day of elegant as well as intricate type in March as well as, today, the design team includes give the tree stamp collection , The second group of May Sukyong Park wthe ideah this actually release.

I thought the idea might until fun pair even stamps of these forests wthe ideah cat set of Meowwwww . laughing loudly! Inside, you could also spend very content cat lying on her back wthe ideah emotion, "Thank you," as well as also of give the tree . ;)

the upper part of this actually card was, of course, inspired by Jocelyn Olson amazing in which uses has well as cut leaves as well as sequins sewn unmatched. It's a private universthe ideay in her when the idea comes to these kinds of details matter. Sequin stars are of gold dust , pink as well as red sequins are full of love. I spray doily wthe ideah Studio Calico shine fog.

I use a lot of hide to put grass on the cat, as well as to create a customized my feelings wthe ideahout wooden parts around the idea. I also moved the exclamation of 'hello' to sign 'love'. I added some very light shades of gray wthe ideah Copic markers as well as mint.

there GIVEAWAY ! Make sure to leave a comment on the sleek as well as interlocking you have a chance to win give the tree stamp set!

release all products are available for purchase at this point. Go out as well as shop! : D



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